We are one of the leading providers of new home quality inspections on the East Coast and in the greater Melbourne area.


Our inspectors are extensively experienced in building new homes.


Maintaining highest quality standards for your new home build is our priority.


No detail or query is too small to escape our scrutiny throughout every stage of the build.

We ensure that the required Onsite Health and Safety regulations are enforced, minimizing hazards and other dangerous areas.

Every stage of your new home construction can be inspected for quality and accuracy

From the initial slab or base stage through to inspecting prior to handover – we provide independent inspections every step of the way.

The water proofing membranes will be checked as part of our Pre Paint inspection process (providing the tiling hasn't commenced) along with the added benefits of Thermal Infrared imaging

We will supply photographs of defective water proofing and overheating LED downlights, checked with a Thermal Infrared camera during our PCI or FINAL stage inspection . Usually, overheating LED downlights indicate faulty fittings or insulation batts resting over the downlight, holding the heat generated by the LED downlight.

We can supply specialized testing equipment to confirm the concrete coverage and moisture content of your Slab. These services do attract small additional fees, however when required, these tests can save thousands of dollars if not detected early.

We are fully insured to satisify the on site requirements of your builder

Elcometer 331-B Concrete Cover Meter

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